XDI Cloud Elastic Computing Services

XDI Cloud offers world-class managed services for democratizing innovation. If you are using Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform or their SolidWorks CAD software, we have tailor-made solutions ready for you!

We Work With Innovators!

XDI Cloud is proud to be working with key industry innovators who are building game changing technologies in the areas of Electric Vehicles, VTOLs and Industrial Robotics!

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Our Products:
Elastic XDI Cloud Services

We have designed cloud services around easing your deployment by providing ways of extending an existing public cloud deployment, deploying your On-Premise software on the cloud or extending your On-Premise environment. Note that we can also host non-production environments for beta testing, development, etc.

XDI Cloud Solutions

At XDI Cloud, we have modular environments ready to deploy depending on the Product you wish to deploy and tailored to the size of your team. These environments are identical whether you are running in a Managed or Hosted scenario. Let us know how to get you started on the cloud today!

XDI Industry Process Experiences

We have pre-built environments suited to your quick deployment needs:

  • PLM Essentials: CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE, CATIA V5, SolidWorks Plug ins + Change Control + BOM + Collaborative Tasks
  • PLM Advanced: PLM Essentials + Requirements Management + Variant Configurations + Project Management
  • ALM Essentials: PLM Essentials + Software Management + Jira Integration
  • ALM Advanced: ALM Essentials + Requirements Management + Test Management
  • MFG Essentials: PLM Essentials + DELMIA Manufacturing Planning and Work Instructions
  • MFG Advanced: MFG Essentials + DELMIA Manufacturing Simulation and Validation
  • Quality Management: PLM Essentials + CAPAs, Defect Management, NCRs, Audit Management

XDI Cloud Benefits

Cloud computing is hardly a new concept, but we understand that it has taken time to gain acceptance for IP management and design. Now is the time to make your move to the cloud to dramatically lower costs and increase your business agility.

Lower cost of ownership without compromising functionality

Cloud-based subscription services for on-prem software

Rent computing power as required on an as needed basis

Simulation jobs, BI analytics

Support your remote users at minimum cost and maximum performance

Remote File Support - virtual or physical

How it works

Specify your environment, we prepare it for you, we deploy it on the cloud, we give you the login credentials, and you start using the platform.

  • One

    Customer specifies requirements for environment

  • Two

    XDI Cloud configures environment for the customer

  • Three

    XDI Cloud deploys environment on cloud infrastructure

  • Four

    XDI Cloud delivers environment access to customer

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